Composer & Experimental Artist

Naretha Williams is a First Nations experimental & interdisciplinary artist with a primary focus on music and audio arts practice. A Wiradjuri woman of mixed lineage, born and based in Melbourne on the Sovereign Land of the Kulin Nation, Victoria AUS. Naretha's process­ based work intersects installation and contemporary music, exploring themes around identity, place and the unseen. Ritual and esoteric practice underpins both process and presentation of the majority of her work. Naretha's diverse musical interests span narrative score through to contemporary electronic music.


“Late-night concert Blak Mass, continued to re-conceptualise the city, building on the site-specific performances that disrupted the colonial grid during the day.  Created by Wiradjuri interdisciplinary artist Naretha Williams, Blak Mass was an immersive ritual of electronic sound that cleverly interrogated notions of the church and imposed religion. 
In the auditorium of Melbourne Town Hall, bodies politely took to their seats as if patiently waiting for a church sermon. 
Under the control of Williams, the Town Hall's Grand Organ became something else, electric and unruly as the deep melodic sounds of the old instrument intersected with her vivid set. Her music was an act of cleansing, taming the instruments that attempted to obliterate blak culture. Her presence and dynamic sound demonstrated survival in an era of renewed blak confidence.”  ABC Arts - Timmah Ball