Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ - Yirramboi Festival

Blak Mass reflects on the city’s jarring civic history and the impact of colonisation on its First Peoples and Land, through an experimental, site specific musical performance developed for the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ. Blak Mass considers the Grand Organ as a significant symbol of European domination and reaches deep in to the psyche of the instrument to create a haunting, avant-garde sound work.


Arts House - Yirramboi Festival

From the sugar-coated idyll of childhood reminiscence to the glazed excesses of queer adulthood, Joel’s story proves that a sweet tooth is a dangerous thing. Short-lived highs give way to the inevitable comedowns before the cycle begins all over again. And like a kid in a candy store, an imperial hunger for Aboriginal Australia consumes all it encounters – land, women and children – like fistfuls of sugar.


The Espy , St Kilda

At Swell we make experiences that merge live music and immersive art together - into unconventional spaces - creating a rare intimacy that compels us to bond. We investigate the universal power live music has to connect us to others, self, spirit and place.


Performance Space, New York

Norman is a non-binary Koori live artist and writer. Cicatrix 1 (that which is taken/that which remains), specially made for KIN, is a chain of actions, woven from the syncretic tissues of buried rites for mourning and remembrance. In particular, Cicatrix 1 considers the collision of Indigenous, queer, and trans bodies with state power, specifically the abuse and obliteration of those bodies by the carceral state. A long-durational ritual unfolding over approximately four hours, Cicatrix 1 begins with the lighting of a medicinal fire and concludes with an outdoor, midnight procession.


Chunky Move

Dharawungara by Joel Bray (Complexity of Belonging) is a collision of rituals. Following his successful work Biladurang, the audience is invited to reimagine the theatre as a ceremonial ground of light and sound, as Joel explores how to breathe life into this Wiradjuri rite he has only ever read about. Naretha Williams joins Bray onstage as songwoman, and her driving beats conjure the space around us. Together they create a site of intersection between his ancestral ceremonial practice, our collective imagination and the realities of colonization.


Federation Bells Melbourne

Circle is a moon-drenched sound bath and live activation of the large scale sculptural instrument Federation Bells.

Set on the high ground of the Birrarung Marr, Circle is the public initiation of Naretha Williams’ current composition project CRYPTEX.

CRYPTEX – Bio Templates & Ceremonial Frameworks for Contemporary Composition; utilises the source code of the body by analysing DNA sequences to create mathematical templates to work with in a musical context. In this piece, song cycles are informed by the traditional seasons of the Kulin Nation, recognising 6 distinct phases of the year and bringing attention to our celestial knowledge systems.

This performative installation is the first outcome of a larger body of work in which the artist further unpacks her signature practice around identity, place and the unseen world.

Circle is a midnight ritual of sound environments, unusual harmonics and textural listening-scapes.

This modular artwork will also play throughout YIRRAMBOI as a stand alone installation, within the Federation Bells curated program.